Why had lucy never achieved amazing results like this before?

Simply, she just didn't get it. Until now...

Consistency was required. A complete approach was required. Lucy didn't understand the correct way to exercise or what she should be eating and why. Most importantly she learned that she had to show up - if she missed a session, she got a text from Amber - she had personal accountability not offered anywhere else.

The Active Lifestyle was like a family. They actually cared about her, her results, and her life.

The trainers helped her with mindset and lifestyle changes and strategies to eat better, reduce stress, and get better results - not just for her but for her husband as well. They even ran goal setting workshops to ensure she was being educated about the optimum way of achieving her goals. It was very clear to her why she hadn't succeeded in her weight loss efforts before. Through no fault of her own, she wasn't equipped with the right tools!

Previously Lucy had started exercise programs before and never saw any results, but being with The Active Lifestyle was different. The results were astounding. And it wasn't just her. The girls she saw at the personal training studio were progressing too. Somehow, they were always pushing themselves harder, getting stronger and jumping higher.

It's time to join our family.
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