The Stress Test

Here is the first stage - The Stress Test.

It's awesome to see you all in the group and here!

Today is the Stress Test, or Limit Test as the boys called it.

Grab yourself a spotter, or friend, or just someone who doesn't want to see you die.

If you are GYM Based, start with the bar and perform 5 reps.
Add a small increment each side (5kgs is a good start, 2.5kgs for females) and perform 5 more reps.
Add more weight, and perform 5 reps every time until you can't get 5 good ones.

Make sure you do the squat to a bench or box so that you know depth and if you fail it's easy to dump the bar or get help.

Post your results in the Facebook group, as a reminder
ADAM - 2 SQUATS at 90kgs
ROWAN - 3 SQUATS at 85kgs
ALAN - 2 SQUATS at 80kgs

As for bench, the bar has to touch your chest, (assuming your shoulder health is ok).

and for bench
ADAM - 4 at 55kgs
ROWAN - 3 at 75kgs
ALAN - 2 at 60kgs

Finally, it's time to perform BURPEES. Set a timer for 60 seconds and do as many as you can in the time! Form wise, you have get down onto the floor, take your hands off the floor, then perform a full burpee (no push up required). See our youtube video below.

Please Note - if you are a HOME trainee with no gym access, please perform as many squats as you can in 60 seconds, rest 60 seconds, then go again. See how many you get in rounds 1, 2, and 3. Then the same tests but for as many push ups as you can in 60 seconds, before doing the burpees.



Remember to take into account your own training experience before starting any activity!


Here is the Viva La Dirt League Stress Test!




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