Here it is! VLDL Buffed Up Nerds and The Active Lifestyle 12 Week Program

Before you get the program, have you done the following to help you to make the most of this transformation?

These steps will take you under 10 minutes and willl help support and guide you through the program so that you get the best results.

If you have already then jump down to the bottom of the page now and get the program!
(There are two downloads - the program and the meal plan)




Task 1 - Set out where you are now.

Take your BEFORE photos: Front, side, and back, so you know where you are beginning. Topless photos will show the most progress.

Think about your goals:

What do you want to achieve?

Why is this important?

Are there any other goals you would like to achieve? (Be able to do 10 pushups, create a lifestyle you can maintain, etc.)

Task 2 - Set your goals.

Write out 3 goals that you want to achieve with the program.

Task 3 - Join and share your goals to the Facebook Group.

Head over and
Join the private TAL and VLDL Transformation Program Support Facebook group.

This is for all of you undertaking the 12 week program and will allow you to ask questions, post videos of your form and training, and get feedback and advice from us at The Active Lifestyle. It will allow us to help you to the maximum of our ability and encourage help and support between members!

Now, share your goals! The people you share your goals with will help keep YOU accountable as you progress through the transformation.
Tag a friend, post your goals in the Facebook group!
Be proud of what you want to achieve!

We're excited to see you there, to download the program below click depending on whether you're training at home or at the gym:


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