The Ultimate PERSONAL TRAINING program - wherever you are

We will help you:

- Lose weight

- Burn body fat

- Get leaner

- Improve your health

- Correct Your posture

- Increase flexibility

- Build strength

- Improve your self confidence


Are you sick of being overweight?

Are you uncomfortable with your body and lacking self esteem?

Want to make some changes but not sure where to start?

Don’t have the time to commit to a trainer?

This program is designed for you- dedicated, goal orientated individuals who are ready to change their lives but need the expertise, support, guidance and know how to get them there.

Our virtual training program offers bespoke online training and nutrition plans tailored specifically to you and your needs just like we would in our private studio in person. You will have a completely bespoke training plan that is updated and programmed in real time based on how your training is progressing, meal guidance so you know what to eat and when, accountability check in to make sure you do the work, support and motivation, form videos and technique assessments - everything to get you to reach your goal, just as you would with a high end personal trainer in person.

Trust us, we will help you to make the changes you've dreamed about making forever. Now all YOU have to do is get onboard and change your LIFE.

How Does Virtual Coaching Work?

We start with a workbook and full consultation to drill into what you want to achieve, why, and what has held you back before. We then run through a health questionnaire (as we would with any in-person client) and test exercises to establish your current health and fitness levels, lifestyle habits and set your goals.

The more we learn about you, the more we know what is holding you back and the better we can fix it!

From here we develop a personalised workout and nutrition plan for you. This is unlike ANY other ‘online training’ arrangement. You will receive one to one support in real time with a training program that is written and updated FOR YOU week by week. Therefore, depending on how you are progressing and what you are finding difficult, we can create it as necessary to keep you bang on track. The programme covers exercise and technique, nutritional basics, meditation, breathing exercises, goal setting and so much more. Alongside all that, we keep you motivated and achieving with 24/7 support via Email and WhatsApp.

Our courses are limited to just 4 people so you know everything you are getting is PERSONAL and created specifically for YOU!


G's progress pictures were achieved during our 21 day Kickstart Program, check out her self-confidence and posture!

G's progress pictures were achieved during our 21 day Kickstart Program, check out her self-confidence and posture!

Virtual Coaching Packages include- 

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