• Are you sick of niggly aches and pains and looking to regain your life?
  • Do you struggle getting up and down and moving around?
  • Is your quality of life diminished by not being able to do the things you love due to limited movement?
  • Are you uncomfortable sitting on the ground with your grandchildren and worried about picking them up?
  • Have you had major surgery and never quite regained the movement, body control or confidence you had before?
  • Worried about osteoporosis and want to treat it the only scientifically proven way without taking drugs?

The Active Lifestyle is here to help you!

Our world class, fully qualified trainers excel in training life experienced individuals with their own story, history and passion for life. No injury or surgery is too big to recover from, it's time to live pain free and full of confidence!

We work with our clients one on one (private personal training) and in small groups (semi private training), to regain strength, movement, and confidence. Semi private training is strictly limited to just 4 people per session so you will always have the safety of personal attention from our trainers.

Did you know that strength training is the ONLY way to naturally increase your bone density and reduce (and even reverse!) your risk of osteoporosis?

Are you concerned that it will be too difficult? Don't worry!

Every strength training session is designed for you and your current abilities.  You will be encouraged to improve your range of movement gently over time as your strength and balance improves.  You will notice your body tightening, fat reducing, your muscles getting stronger and every step getting easier.

You no longer need to be scared of your body; learn to move, be strong and be in control while training with fabulous, like minded individuals in a supportive and encouraging community.

Who are the trainers?

The Active Lifestyle has two world class, fully qualified personal trainers, Amber and James. They both have over 5 years of experience and have run over a 1000 sessions each. They have helped clients of all ages, including those recovering from major surgeries, heart attacks and broken bones.

This sounds great. How can I try it out?

Just fill in the form below and we will call you straight back to organise a time when you can come in, have a chat, and start your free trial.

Fill in the form below or if to talk to us directly give Amber a call on 0212689278

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