The Acupressure Shakti Mat

We are pleased to announce that we are an official retailer for Shakti Mat, an acupressure mat which will:

- Improve your sleep quality
- Reduce your aches and pains
- Improve bloodflow and circulation
- Allow you to benefit from acupressure in the privacy of your own home
- A perfect way to work on your meditation practice and deep breathing techniques

You can see us using the Shakti Mat in our video below. If you have any question's don't hesitate to ask.


What is the Acupressure Shakti Mat?


This provides the benefits of acupuncture in the comfort of you own home, and without scary needles actually going into your skin! The Acupressure Shakti Mat has 6000 points for you to spread your weight over and relax onto. These pressure points improve blood flow around your body resulting in a multitude of important benefits including reduction in aches and pains, better sleep, and a focus for your meditation and deep breathing.

It is 100% safe and we are proud to be an official retailer for this product. As trainers, it really benefits us due to helping alleviate the soreness from training and allowing us to meditate with both the body and mind!

If you would like to come and try the Shakti Mat out for yourself you are welcome to make an appointment at our private personal training studio in Mt Eden, Auckland, or if you have any questions.

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