• Do you want to lose weight and tighten up all over so you look and feel great?
  • Have you tried gyms before and just don't like them because you don't get results and hate the atmosphere?
  • Do you want to train with fun, encouraging people in a non-competitive environment?
  • Are you ready to finally start making life long changes, building your confidence and being happy in your own skin?


The Active Lifestyle is the NON gym! 

Forget waiting hours for machines, boring exercises, massive group classes, and years of training with NO results.

We are a private training studio
Our aim is to make you LOVE training while you achieve results you have always dreamed of


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Are you new to training? Have you tried it but just get bored easily?

Forget running on a treadmill for hours on end every day and training by yourself in a boring, regimented routine. Everyday you can do something different – plan yourself a mixture of strength training, boxing, high intensity bootcamp, yoga, or our favourite, the completely random training of Luck of the Draw.

Every training session is highly goal orientated and is guaranteed to make you smile and send you home LOVING life.

We are always here to ask questions about your training and what mixture of sessions will help you reach your goals best. Be excited to try new things, experience different styles of training and see exactly what your body can do and how awesome you can feel.

Are you worried you don't have time?

Our semi private training sessions are 45 minutes all up – including warm up, the full work out and a good stretch at the end. We know that you will not need any longer and we know that you have places you’d rather be and things you'd rather be doing.

Do you need lots of help, guidance, motivation and encouragement?

Semi Private Training with The Active Lifestyle will have you training in very small groups (maximum of 4!) of highly motivated individuals with the help, guidance and expertise of one (and often 2!) fully qualified, world class personal trainers on hand.

We design and instruct each session based on you and your needs, helping you to achieve your goals. Don't worry about being bored or not knowing what to do, we keep track of exactly where you are up to and make sure to challenge, encourage, and motivate every time you come!

Come join us, meet new people, join a fabulous community of like-minded, encouraging and highly motivated individuals who are changing their lives for the better.

Want to see results as quickly as possible but don't know how?

The Active Lifestyle is all about improving your quality of life through training, education and nutrition. We teach you what you need to do to make life-long changes to achieve your goals and look how you've always wanted to look. Our sessions are all designed to increase your metabolism, build strength, get your heart rate up, and burn body fat. Ultimately, training with The Active Lifestyle will leave you feeling full of confidence, loving your body, and bursting with energy.

This sounds amazing, how can I come and try it out?

Just fill in the form below and we will call you straight back - we are so confident you will love what we do that we offer a completely free week of semi private training so you can meet everyone, try the sessions and see how amazing you could feel!

Fill in the form below and we will call you straight back, or if you prefer the phone then just give Amber a call on: 0212689278

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