Are you the fittest, healthiest, best looking version of yourself? Can you move and function on a day-to-day basis without pain or nagging injury?

Do you understand that the way to better long term health (warding off heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes) is to train safely and effectively alongside improving your eating habits?

Are you scared to go to the gym, because you don't know what to do or are worried that you will look stupid?

We are the answer.

At The Active Lifestyle, we offer a unique solution that has never been seen before in Auckland.

small group training

Small group training sessions are strictly limited to just 4 people. They allow you to maximise your performance and results at a fraction of the usual cost of personal training. Everyone is working hard towards their goals, encouraged and supported by the other members and one or even two personal trainers. The result is a motivating, friendly, private training environment perfect for beginners and advanced trainees alike.

You will quickly transform your body, burning body fat, building strength and toning up and you will feel energetic, happy, and ready to attack anything that life throws at you.

Due to the small group sizes, The Active Lifestyle personal trainers can tailor every single session to you and your level, ensuring you get the best workout possible, each and every time you train.

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Shred is our high intensity interval training (HIIT) bootcamp. We focus on moving you, moving weights, and moving your heart rate to get you burning the maximum amount of body fat possible. We keep training interesting by using a variety of equipment including kettlebells, TR X, barbells, sleds and battle ropes.

Raise The Bar

Get ready to Raise The Bar, along with your expectations of yourself. This strength focused training session will have you building strength and losing weight fast using various training tools including the barbell, kettlebells and more. You will learn excellent lifting technique which will futureproof your body as well as getting an excellent, fat burning workout!


Our unique small group Yoga is strictly limited to 6 people per session. We focus on improving your practice, every single session.

Rocket Yoga – Larry Schultz designed Rocket Yoga, a dynamic, fast paced flow, getting you upside down, your heart rate pumping, and plenty of deep stretches. This is beginner - intermediate level. (55 mins)

Vinyasa Flow – A balanced stretching yoga class designed to calm the mind and the body.  Perfect for tight, tired or older bodies who need a slower, gentle, relaxing practice.  (55 mins)


Our boxing session allows you to punch away your stresses whilst getting a great, fat burning workout at the same time. This fast paced session is a great way to build fitness levels and burn body fat whilst actually getting to hit something. You will be wearing boxing wraps and gloves and punching pads held by fully qualified instructors to ensure your safety. (e.g NOT working with a 'class partner'.)  All equipment is provided!

Luck Of The Draw

Your answer to full body fat loss and calorie burning. An interval training game where your teammates, cards and the roll of the dice decide your exercise fate. Are you ready to play?

* All small group training sessions are 45 minutes unless otherwise stated.

Active 101

Active 101 is a beginner training session designed for those new to training, who have never touched a weight before and those who require a little more assistance.


We run small group sessions daily from 6:15am to 7:45pm.

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