It's time to make the lifelong changes you've always wanted, but never had the support, guidance, motivation and encouragement to achieve. The Active Lifestyle offers a holistic approach to smashing your goals - Private Personal Training and Semi Private Personal Training. The object of every session is working towards your goals.

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Get Strong

Are you bulletproof?

Your body is capable of amazing things. Do you ever get time to stop and think about how you really feel? Would life be better if you had that little more to give in your physical endeavours? If you didn't have that back pain every day, your knees didn't hurt, or you could run for the train or bus? What's holding you back from making those changes you always wanted to make?

What's holding you back from becoming the BEST version of YOU you can be?

Is it fear? Are you intimidated by the machines in the gym, and don't know how to use them? Intimidated by the hordes of people there all the time, sweating on equipment. Intimidated by the thought of simply looking stupid?

Or is it laziness? Do you enjoy sitting on the sofa every night after work, feeling dead tired and waiting for bedtime? We know how you feel, and we know how to make you better.

At The Active Lifestyle, we help you achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve. We will individually structure your training program to ensure you are always heading towards your goals - fast. Our world class trainers will manage your sessions and program, maximising functional strength, hypertrophy (muscle building) and mobility, all whilst burning fat. You're going to look better than you ever have before!

Aside from transforming your body and giving you a strong, lean physique, you will feel energetic, happy, and ready to attack everything that life throws at you.

Trust us, we are the experts. We will make you bulletproof

PS: But this program isn't for everyone. For some, even taking that first step and calling us is too much. So if you've no desire to get stronger, fitter and faster, you won't call.

That's ok. We understand. Maybe you just can't bring yourself to move. We can fix you... But you have to WANT it.


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Weight & Fat Loss

Sick of being fat?  Carrying more weight than you need?  It is time to make life long changes to your body without crazy fad diets.

Learn to understand food, what everything does to your body and WHY this is important for the health of you and your family. 

Develop a love for exercise which keeps you motivated, interested, and committed for years to come.

Provide the example your children, family, friends, and society need to improve their health.

Aesthetics are important but your goals should extend way beyond this.  The Active Lifestyle is all about improving health, wellness, physical strength, bone density, flexibility, improving injuries, reducing pain, and bringing you back to life.

How we help

The Active Lifestyle provides a holistic approach to weight loss starting with in depth goal setting and then utilising strength training techniques alongside high intensity interval training, boxing, Muay Thai kick boxing, yoga, meditation, and so much more.  Each session is designed for you and your goals, whether you are doing 1 to 1 private training or our semi private training in small groups of up to 4 people, you will be encouraged, motivated, and challenged.

Stop making excuses, start seeing results NOW!

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Recover from Injury

Do you live with constant, nagging pain in your life? Why do you have it? Why do you put up with it? Wouldn't it be better if it was gone, forever?

Is it an old sporting injury, accident, or broken bones that cause you this pain? Is it your lifestyle, hunched over a desk all day holding the phone with your shoulder? Is it lugging heavy suitcases around, shopping, or simply carrying your damn shoulder bag to and from work every day?

Is it your back, shoulders, knees, or neck?

What if I told you that you didn't have to live with pain? What if I told you that it was actually curable, and you could live a long, happy life without that horrible, nagging, aching pain every time you move or walk or go downstairs or get up from your desk?

Many people live their lives dealing with pain that is perfectly treatable and easy to fix. You just have to take that first step and get us involved. With a combination of smart training, strengthening in the correct areas, mobility work and nutritional help, we can literally take your pain away.

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