Wanted -
10 Aucklanders to learn how to calm their minds & leave life's stresses behind

  • Want to bring clarity and peace of mind to your days?
  • Looking to calm the mind, improve your sleep and energy levels?
  • Need help reducing stress?

Eligibility Criteria - you need:

  • To be free Friday, August 5th, 7:30pm
  • To be open minded
  • To be willing to invest in yourself
  • To be excited to try new techniques
  • To be an inspirational role model to your children
  • To have a sense of humour and get on with our existing members

    This is your opportunity to learn the basics of meditation and create a lifelong practice which will change your life.

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How will this workshop help ME?

This workshop is truly unique. Under Amber's expert guidance, you will learn and implement the skills, while receiving the advice and support you need to start your very own meditation and mindfulness practice. Although an expansive topic, there are a number of different techniques and types of meditation which will be explored and discussed during this workshop, meaning that you will leave with a real knowledge of why and how to meditate in certain ways.

I can't sit still for 5 mins, how am I going to do a 2 hour meditation workshop?

We totally understand! Meditation, is tough!  We are here to help you understand why and how to meditate.  We will be starting with short meditations, focusing the mind and the breath to bring clarity to our days.   We will be using different styles and meditation techniques including candles, guiding meditation, pranayama and more.  This is an exploratory workshop and discussion will be encouraged to help our participants learn from their own experience and that of others.

What do I need to bring?

Yourself! Wear comfortable clothes and maybe a warm jumper as we will be sitting still.  If you have a favourite cushion or blanket you like to sit on, you are welcome to bring this with you. An open mind is essential!

Blocks, towels, blankets, cushions and all other necessary equipment will be provided.

Who is running this course?

This course will be run by Amber Cloney from The Active Lifestyle.  Amber is an Internationally qualified personal trainer, yoga teacher and practitioner, and meditation and holistic lifestyle expert.

Amber has participated in and run yoga workshops all over the world including in Kuwait, South Africa, the UK and New Zealand.

What is the cost of this workshop?

The Active Lifestyle members - $30

Non members - $50

Cost will include all materials required for the workshop and take home notes.

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