It was time for Lucy to make a Change.

Lucy was lost in her world. She was busy every second of every day, she had a family to run, and hardly had the energy to put her kids to bed before she crashed out for the night.  She hated how tired she always was, hated how her body looked, how her clothes fit, and how low her self-confidence was.  And working out felt like just one more chore on her never ending list. Besides, she was too self conscious to go to the gym and be seen by other people.

She needed to find a better way. She wanted to be confident in her own skin again and to fit the clothes in her wardrobe. She had given birth to her youngest son 18 months ago, and juggling her business, family life and her health regime just wasn’t working. Lucy needed help.

That’s when she was recommended The Active Lifestyle, a small group personal training studio in Mt Eden, Auckland. It was the perfect scenario. Amber and James started her off slowly, helping her with technique to keep her safe. After just the first week she noticed her improved energy levels. They planned out every session and were there to motivate, encourage and teach her exactly what she needed and how to do it. And it was more than just exercise; together they set goals, discussed food and nutrition, and created lifestyle habits to make long term change.

The best bit though? It was an unintimidating place with like-minded people who were all there to improve themselves.  No time for bitching or gossip, just genuinely lovely people interested in helping and motivating each other. Together they became a team, and Lucy was there, each and every session, she loved it and she just had to go.

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