Her body was changing... For the better

Lucy noticed an immediate improvement in her state of mind and energy levels after just a few training sessions with Amber and James. She attended Strike! (A boxing training session) and Shred (a high intensity fat burning session) and loved how it helped lower her stress levels - she felt like she had some 'me' time again.

Strike! was different because Amber (her personal trainer) held pads for her and coached her technique so she improved - they didn't make you punch or hold pads with a partner, which was much safer than anywhere else she had ever tried.

She was proud of herself. She felt (and looked) firmer, stronger, more toned and even better, she had lost weight. She was amazed to get so much done in 45 minutes. Even better, she was even able to take her son to the training studio if her partner was at work as the trainers were flexible enough to accommodate for that. She even did squats with him!

At the end of every session she was stretched by Amber which really helped stop the post training aches and soreness.

The thing she really enjoyed though was the atmosphere - definitely one she had never experienced before at a big gym - all the girls were so supportive and motivating.

Overweight Lucy was no more. Healthy, confident Lucy was taking over. She could run around with her kids and not be out of breath again! She was excited about the results she was getting.

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