• Are you looking to burn body fat and tone up quickly?
  • Do you want to feel amazing and improve your self confidence?
  • Do you have less than an hour to come in, train and get out again?
  • Do you want the benefit of training in a small group of highly motivated people?
  • Do you want to actually enjoy your workouts and not feel like they're a chore?
  • Do you need lots of variety so you don't get bored?

The Active Lifestyle is for YOU!!
We pride ourselves on FUN, SAFE, RESULTS Driven Training Sessions


What is Interval Training?

High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) is a session designed around periods of hard work followed by periods of rest. This is the most efficient way of burning body fat and building fitness levels. All our sessions involve interval training so that you get as much fat burnt in the shortest possible workout time!

What if I am not very fit? 

We keep our sessions limited to 4 people so we are always on hand to help you.  We will tailor every session to those in attendance, offer extra rest when necessary, regress or progress every exercise you do, providing you with a completely individualised and focussed workout.

How do the sessions work?

Bootcamp is a session combining body weight strength exercises, kettlebell work, battle ropes, sleds, and cardio exercises to get your heart rate up, build muscle and burn body fat.

Luck of the Draw is a session determined by the roll of the dice and the draw of cards.  Every session is different and totally unpredictable, except that you will be torching body fat!

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