Raise The Bar strength sessions are all about empowerment, motivation, and technique.

They are a truly unique experience.


Do you know how to ensure both your progress and your safety?

Are you looking for a welcoming, supportive atmosphere?

The Active Lifestyle is the perfect solution.


Eligibility Criteria - you need:

  • To be willing to train at our exclusive, private training studio in Mt Eden, Auckland
  • A huge desire to get results
  • To be willing to invest in yourself
  • To be willing to work hard in training
  • To be an inspirational role model to your children
  • To enjoy an amazing atmosphere with like-minded people

Come and experience it for yourself risk free.

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We pride ourselves on world class training, with a strong focus on safety, progress, and a fun, enjoyable atmosphere.

You will be training with up to 3 other like-minded people in our unique semi private Raise The Bar training sessions, which are strictly limited to 4 people! There is always 1 or sometimes even 2 personal trainers running your session, meaning you will make rapid improvements in fitness, form, and technique, leaving those that attend big, generic group classes in the dust.

At our private, exclusive personal training studio you can stop worrying about how you will look and perform, and who is judging you. The atmosphere is strictly fun, encouraging and supportive! There is onsite parking behind the building and we provide everything that you need!


I have done group training before, how is this different?

At The Active Lifestyle we pride ourselves on personalising our training sessions. Each session is planned differently and they are tailored to individuals in the group - therefore if you are newer to training or simply not as strong, then you won't be forced to lift the weights that everyone else does. Exercise selection is based on your goals and history, meaning that you can fully commit to a hard training session with no fear or worry.

Our maximum session size is 4 people. That means that you will always have a fully qualified personal trainer there to guide and correct your form, ensuring that you make progress and are doing the right things.

What does a Raise The Bar strength training session involve?

A Raise The Bar training session involves all the things that will get results. We focus on a combination of strength training - lifting weights correctly with perfect form and incorporating high intensity interval training (HIIT) which has been scientifically proven to be the optimal way of getting results. You will also be burning calories for hours after you have finished your training session due to the afterburn effect HIIT training brings.

What do I need to bring?

Yourself! Wear comfortable clothes and good training shoes, and bring an enthusiastic and open mind and be ready for the best training session of your life!

We provide everything you need - water, towels, mats for stretching and all of the equipment.

Who are the trainers?

The Active Lifestyle has two world class, fully qualified international personal trainers, Amber and James. They both have over 5 years of experience and have run over a 1000 sessions each all over the world, helping clients in the UK, Kuwait, South Africa and of course here in New Zealand! They have helped people of all shapes and sizes love themselves again!

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