Eau De Calm - Yoga Mat Refresh Spray

Calling all aspiring Yogi's! Do you care for your yoga mat? Do you really care for your yoga mat?

When you practice yoga, you should be fully immersed in the experience, almost detached from reality and completely focused on your breath, balance and movement. Your yoga mat is your safe haven from the stresses of the outside world.

But what happens when your yoga practice is complete? If you're like most people, you roll up your yoga mat, put it back in it's bag, and there it stays until your next yoga session.

Frankly, your yoga mat deserves better. It deserves a bit of TLC, and a bit of finesse.


Turn those "ohhh nastys" into Namastes.

Eau De Calm keeps your yoga mat in pristine condition - smelling great, deodorised and most importantly clean and free from bugs and any other bacterial nasties that you could have picked up from wherever your last yoga practice was undertaken.

Made from a base of organic tea tree oil and infused with lemon and other secret ingredients, our Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray can be sprayed directly onto your yoga mat after each session and will keep it fresh and clean for it's next use. Not only will it kill any bugs hanging around on your mat, it will also leave it smelling great, no matter where you were practicing. 

Each Eau De Calm pack contains 1x 50 ml Spray bottle and 1x 150ml Refill to keep your Yoga mat smelling Ommm forever.