• Are you ready to get fit and tone up in a fun, easy way that will change your body fast?
  • Are you looking for an exciting way to burn body fat and build self confidence?
  • Is an amazing supportive atmosphere and having a great time while exercising important to you?
  • Are you bored by huge, cardio-box style group classes and want a more personalised, attentive approach?
"Boxing at The Active Lifestyle is a fun, fat burning experience. This is so much more than a big cardio-box combat style class - you receive individual instruction and tuition every session so you will actually improve your technique, reduce your risk of injury, and speed up your results." - James Schofield, Boxing specialist

The Active Lifestyle Semi-Private boxing sessions are FUN, high intensity training sessions, scientifically designed to maximise your fat burning and quickly improve your fitness.

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Our boxing sessions are designed for and around you -

- You will be having fun while burning fat
- We utilise scientifically proven training methods to maximise your fat burning results
- You will be punching pads with a qualified trainer to ensure your safety and improve your technique every session
- This is the ultimate in stress relief, punch as hard as you like!
- Sessions are strictly limited to 4 people so you receive personal attention every single time you exercise
- You will look great, fast
- Beginners to advanced trainees are welcome! We tailor the session for you
- This is NOT an aerobics class where you are punching the air and dancing in front of a mirror
- This is an environment where we support and encourage each other - bad attitudes will not be tolerated


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I have never done boxing, what if I have no idea what I am doing?

Give us a call to come in and give boxing a try. All of our sessions are designed for you; we teach proper technique and movement right from your very first session. There's nothing to be scared of, we will help you every step of the way and the atmosphere is unbeatable! You will never be asked to do more than what your body is capable of. We use our experience and education to motivate, encourage, and challenge you without pushing you beyond your limits.

If you're new to boxing, don't worry, everyone starts as a beginner! The beauty of our semi-private training sessions is that they provide plenty of one-on-one time to teach you exactly how to get the right technique for you. You will also have the opportunity to watch and learn from the other trainees as they practice and improve their technique, too.

Is boxing a good way of burning body fat?

Absolutely! Boxing is one of the best ways there is to burn body fat! Your metabolism will be stimulated, your muscles will be working, and your heart will be pumping. You will see improvements in your fitness levels after just two sessions and watch your body fat melt away. Even better, you will continue to burn fat for hours after the training session!

Is boxing safe?

Completely! You will be working on the pads ONLY with your qualified instructor - not other class participants. We will provide you with boxing gloves and wraps to protect your hands.
What about all the equipment I need?

Everything is provided for you EVERY session. (Water, towels, boxing gear etc). All you need to do is wear some comfortable clothes to work out in. There is also a private shower if you have plans straight after your session.

This sounds amazing! What do I do next?

If you're really ready to change your life and get the body you've always dreamed of, and have FUN whilst doing it, just fill in the form below and we will call you right back! Spots are very limited so act now!

Fill in the form below and we will get straight back to you, or if you'd prefer give Amber a call on 0212689278!

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