20 Reps Deficit Deadlift at 145kgs

People have commented that they enjoy seeing myself, Amber and Dion training so that they know what we get up to.

I love to deadlift... Sometimes, I feel a little crazy and want to hit silly numbers. I think this is a personal best for me, but honestly I can't remember. 20 Reps on a 1" deficit deadlift at 145kgs.

If you enjoy pain, this will excite you. Please note, any training we do with clients at The Active Lifestyle focuses on getting results safely, we will push you, but obviously, there are things I do to myself that I would never do with my clients!


Also, what's a deficit deadlift?

A deficit deadlift is where the plates are actually positioned to be lower than your feet (your feet are raised up) so that you have to move the weight further and increasing the range of motion. It makes it harder to pull the bar off the floor working especially the lower part of the deadlift and helps to increase your pulling speed off the floor.



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