Do you Know What a Deadlift is?

Do you know what a deadlift is? You may have heard people talking about them before – you may have even done them yourself. It is very important that you learn how to deadlift correctly. A deadlift involves picking up a weight off the floor, and standing up with it. Learning this movement will literally help you to futureproof your body, because not only does it build strength all over your body, burn a huge amount of calories, and send your heart rate sky high, deadlifting means that you will be able to pick things up from the floor SAFELY FOREVER.

Have you ever heard the adage – lift by bending your knees, not with your back? This is a good tip, but one that is incomplete. Because when you bend your knees and round your back over to pick something up, you are still putting your back in a very dangerous position. Deadlifting correctly keeps your back as straight as possible, transferring the load correctly throughout your back muscles and reducing the pressure on your spinal disks and facet joints.


Who Should be Doing Deadlifts?

Simply put, everyone. If you sit at a desk or in a car or chair all day, deadlifts will help you avoid that rounded back, hunched over posture. If you have knee pain, deadlifts will help to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings to support your knees. Because the knee angle is very open (you don’t need to bend your knees a lot to perform a good deadlift) they are accessible for those with existing knee pain or coming back from serious knee injuries.


What do I gain by doing Deadlifts?

Aside from learning how to safely pick things up off the floor, the deadlift works all the muscles that you can’t see in the mirror – eg everything on the back of your body – your upper and lower back, your glutes (butt muscles), hamstrings, calves and even feet. It is a great exercise for raising your heart rate, increasing your strength, especially in your lower body and back. Basically, if you want to be healthy, have an awesome butt, and toned legs, deadlifts are your friend!

Also, deadlifting correctly teaches you to stand up straight and improves your posture by strengthening your back muscles, resulting in a healthier and more mobile body!

Now you know why the deadlift is such an awesome exercise. This series continues with HOW TO DEADLIFT which is coming next week so you can incorporate them into your own training safely, along with easy ways to progress or regress the exercise to make it work for you. If you have any questions please make sure to message us!

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