Viva La Dirt League LOVE a warm up!

We all know the Viva La Dirt League boys are great actors... Makes it tough for us to know how hard they're working, but sometimes you can tell...


Can't make life too easy for them just because they're superstars... @vivaladirt

The Viva La Dirt League team came to us to transform their bodies... We thought a 12 week challenge would do the trick. We've worked with them and built their program, sorted out their food, and worked on mobility drills to keep them healthy as we've pushed the weights up up up. They're starting to see awesome results now, and time flies as we reach the last third of the challenge. They're training hard with us once a week, and following our training programme for their other sessions during the week.


A huge shout out to all of their fans who have supported us and them, and followed along with their own 12 week program that we released for them so they could change their lives too! When The Active Lifestyle gets hold of you - you'll never be the same. (Our online training programs are written bespoke for you and mean that you can get the same, awesome results as the boys, but without coming to the The Active Lifestyle studio!)


We can't wait to show you them when they've finished! (And I'm sure they can't either, as if you've seen anything they've done, they've been practising their 'I'm a Model' poses.) All their results will be well deserved, to say they are working hard is an understatement!

If you have any questions, or want some help to change your life, give us a shout. Here are some success stories from our previous clients!




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