Growing stronger legs

There are literally an unimaginable amount of exercises you can put into your leg day training.

Many people ask frequently what I do for legs, so here's a little compliation video of my last 4 weeks of leg day training (squat day, for me who wants to be stronger.)

My 200kg squat at under 93kg class in March 2018

My 200kg squat at under 93kg class in March 2018


I do a few main accessory movements which I have found to help - mainly working my hips and lower back. This short video shows the leg workouts I've been doing recently, only things not shown as I'm currently resting them are the pause squat and front squat. Generally I'll rotate two of this whole set of exercises in my normal training cycles at all times.

- Weighted Squat Jump
- Low Bar Box Squat
- Bulgarian Split Squat
- Good Morning

For anyone interested in online training and coaching, I'm opening up online training spots for you Uk peeps as summer is coming - 12 week programs will take you perfectly through to the plethora of SUNNY TIMES the UK will be having this July / August.

Read more at and learn exactly how I do things!

If you want to know (and see) how to perform the perfect squat, read up here.

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