Why your weight isn't as important as you think

At The Active Lifestyle, we encourage you NOT to look at your weight. Don't use the scales. Don't weigh yourself every day.




Do you have any idea how EASY it is to manipulate your weight? Your weight fluctuates at lot, your weight day to day will not be the same. It can fluctuate hourly.


weightscales 500 grams.JPG

See the picture - the left image, is my weight before I sat down to eat a big lunch of chicken curry and rice. The right image is my weight, immediately after eating. 500g of food, that I just ate.


The only way to use weight to give you any sort of real indication would be to weigh yourself at the same time, at the same day, and under the same circumstances. For females, even your monthly cycle will affect your weight, so you would have to track weekly over a few months to even give you a baseline from which to work from.

Don't be fooled by the scales - look in the mirror, and use how your clothes fit as a guide.

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