Sam's Success Video!

This man CAN.

Sam joined us at the start of September, and his progress is amazing for all to see, even after the Christmas break and the start of Summer in New Zealand.



Initially he came to us because his son mentioned his bodyshape, and so he wanted to regain his energy, enjoy sports and playing with his son and really overhaul his lifestyle so he was healthier and really felt better. He flung himself headfirst into the training and has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

He had never done any sort of serious training before aside from a bit of running which was great for us as it meant we could teach him the basics, especially with weight training, and start with excellent technique from the outset. The effort he put in each and every training session has been second to none.

He trained twice a week and also did a home workout which we gave him once a week.

You should be really, really proud of yourself mate as in this short time you've learnt and improved so much, and will be able to teach your son about how to train and be healthy as he grows older. Onwards to more improvements and even better results in 2018!


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