The Active Lifestyle - How did it happen?

The Active Lifestyle is the brainchild of James Schofield and Amber Cloney. Both perfectionists and expert personal trainers, they have unique and complementary skillsets which makes them an unstoppable duo.

James' background is in martial arts, strength and conditioning training and sports performance. He studied at Loughborough University in the UK.

Both were disappointed with the lacklustre standards of the fitness industry as a whole, and realised that they could do something about it, but with a twist. Rather than focusing on the norm, 1 to 1 personal training, or large group classes, they created a small shared personal training concept where they were able to keep session sizes small and personalise every training session for each participant, yet due to their expertise and experience, still obtain amazing results.


The personal training studio itself offers training sessions based around HIIT Training, Strength Training, Yoga and Boxing, with the idea being that clients can choose a mix of things that they enjoy whilst always moving towards their health and fitness goals.

Amber is a qualified Yoga teacher, massive therapist and rehabilitation specialist. Her degree is from Auckland University and she loves the beach.

James and Amber wanted to help more people and enjoy a fun, relaxed environment, without limiting the success and results driven nature of themselves and their clients. The Active Lifestyle is completely unique in New Zealand. Every training session is personalised for each client, based on their abilities, injury and training history and goals, so their shared personal training sessions are perfect for beginners and experienced trainees alike.

The Active Lifestyle, like the clients they serve, are focused on setting goals and smashing them, which they firmly believe is the way to succeed.

Nothing happens by accident, and so everything is meticulously planned out to deliver the optimum levels of performance and make you, the client, feel valued, appreciated, and most importantly, moving forward in your health journey, whatever your goals.

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