The Shakti Mat - The benefits of Acupressure in your own home

Do you have tight muscles that just don’t seem to relax? Do you get regular headaches? Struggle to sleep at night? Want to start a meditation practice? Shakti mats are for you!

Shakti acupressure mats are a padded mat covered with thousands of little spikes which, although looks daunting, creates a comfortable and all together relaxing experience.  Lie yourself down and experience the relief.

The Shakti mat stimulates blood and lymphatic flow which helps to loosen up tired, knotted muscles.  This is excellent for anyone who exercises regularly or is suffering from injury which just won’t go away.  Equally, those with poor blood flow will find relief with regular time spent on a Shakti mat.

Lying on a Shakti mat is similar in concept to a session of acupuncture.  Immediately, it feels strange and a little prickly, but soon after you feel relax and comfortable.  Everyone is different, some will feel a little tingly, others will get hot (or cold).  Just relax, focus on your breath and enjoy.  This is a great way for people looking to develop a meditation practice to use the Shakti mats.  Just lie there and focus on the movement and sensations around your body.  Close your eyes.  Notice if the sensations move, are they just in the area in contact with the mat or do they extend beyond the mat, even to the other side of the body?


The Shakti mat can be used ALL over the body – back, legs (front and back), glutes (bum muscles), neck and shoulders, arms, and even your face. Start slow, if you are super sensitive you can start with a thin piece of material between you and the mat. It is a fantastic tool to help you feel better everyday. It's a mat with 6000 (yes, 6 THOUSAND) pressure spikes on it that take your weight resulting in a myriad of benefits that anyone can enjoy. It's self acupuncture, or more specifically acupressure, because the needles don't pierce the skin, making it completely safe and easy to use in your own home.


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