Feel Better - Everyday (2/3)

Welcome to part 2 of the 'Feel Better - Everyday' series. Today's focus is on Improving your diet.

A huge way to make yourself feel better on a day to day basis is to learn how to eat better – many people have different viewpoints when it comes to ‘clean’ eating, most of the time people can’t even agree on what ‘clean’ eating is. What is definitely true though, is that if you concentrate on increasing the amount of vegetables in your diet, and taking supplements such as fish oil and vitamin D, your well-being improves – you feel better, more sprightly and more energetic.

Again, most people lament about this with ‘oh but I don’t have time’. And the solution? Well, ask anyone who’s ever had success with an eating plan that they have adhered to and as a result gained muscle or lost weight. The answer is meal preparation – it doesn’t necessarily have to be boxes laid out with your food in it all pre-prepared for the coming week, but it does need to involve some sort of food planning, so you at least have something defrosted that you can make at dinner time, rather than saying “screw it there’s no food, I’m going to get a takeaway.”



The key to all this goes back to preparation. If you don’t take notice of what you need to eat and when, you have no chance of making progress because as hungry humans, we will always choose the easiest and quickest option. Like how people say you should never go to the supermarket hungry, meal prep is in the same vein. When you hit the fridge after a tough day looking for something to eat, it’s essential to have something in there that is going to positively move you nearer towards your goals – as opposed to further away from them.

An easy way to start something like this would be to choose a certain thing for a certain day, and build it into your routine. Know that you have the Kids football practice on Tuesday night and you won’t get back till 7pm. Well on Tuesdays make sure you have some fresh chicken cut up and pre-spiced and garlic-ed. Then when you get back, you can quickly pan fry it up with some vegetables and there you have a healthy, nutrient packed meal in around 10 minutes. The key is knowing what you have coming up, and how to solve the eating for those problems – really, it’s organisation, just like anything else in life. If you take a few minutes to prepare correctly, then you will do much better when it’s time to act and the time comes.

Many people are stuck with what to do at breakfast. At The Active Lifestyle, we use our nutty granola recipe as a quick fix for whenever we need it. It’s nutrient dense and only a small amount is required to keep you going for a long time!

Sidenote: Greens Powders.

Greens Powders are lots of really good things, smashed up into a powder that you can drink. They are gaining popularity around the world, and I personally take one called Light Force Greens that I have been using for around 4 years now. I love it, and find that it really helps me get my vegetable intake when I'm on the go. So much so that I became an official distributor. If you are in NZ, come to the studio and have a chat with us, if you are an international customer you can order it direct from James Schofield Training - Light Force Greens.

Overall, make sure you stick to a base, simple formula of protein and vegetables. Drink water and stay hydrated, and avoid the junk! This is what clean eating means to me. There's no point in following a fitness fad!

Sorting out your ‘clean’ eating will go a huge way to helping you feel better. Your mind, skin, and body will benefit from consuming better food, more vegetables, and the preparation you put in.

Check in for the final part tomorrow!

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