One Young Man's Journey back from Open Heart Surgery

Today, I feature an article of inspiration from someone else. Nothing to do with me, The Active Lifestyle, or my training or history. This article was sent to me by a good friend of mine who I have known for a long time and hold dear to my heart. I don't know the man in question, but it's clear from what my friend has told me and what she has written that he is deserving of all the successes in his personal battles and life issues that he has overcome.

This should serve as an inspiration to us all. Those who struggle, those who have struggled, and those who continue to struggle. Have a read and share in his success.

One of my supreme life passions is the health, fitness, and the well-being of others. Forget the stupid crash diets, weight loss shakes, or gimmicky tools like the vibration plates and other infomercial tat. For some people, at some times, they have their place and their use. Fine.

But if you have real problems, actual life threatening illnesses or issues, then the ONLY solution is actual hard work, training and the determination to better yourself every day, as shown by Guy in the article above. The only solution to his recovery after open heart surgery was getting up, working through the pain, and getting shit done - in a smart, controlled, progressive way. There really is no substitute for hard work. We have helped many people after their surgeries and injuries, some on a more short term basis, some more long term with conditions such as fibromyalgia and other debilitating illnesses. And the absolute most rewarding thing is seeing their improvement, and their smiles.



One thing that has been shown time and time again is that you need to have the personal drive and determination to really summon reserves of strength you never you knew you had. And more often than not you come out of it a better, healthier person. Well done Guy, I hope to meet you one day and I hope you are very proud of your story, just as I am very proud of mine.

Go and do something good for yourself today.




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