Semi - Private Training - The exercise way of the future!

When we created The Active Lifestyle Personal Training studio, one of our biggest questions was ‘How can we deliver the most supportive, encouraging place for people to come and make their life or training dreams a reality?

Eureka! ’Semi-private personal training!'

It's for those of you that realise the benefits of working with a personal trainer, but never quite took the plunge to get one. Every single session training session you do is now in a very small, dedicated, motivated group. Ours are limited to just 4 people for strength training, bootcamp, boxing and 6 for yoga. Is this an environment that would help you?


Very Small Groups
The number of people joining you for every session ensures that you get lots of one to one attention from at personal trainer. This ensures that your technique is perfect for every movement so the chance of injury is greatly reduced and your progress is maximised. The attention to your personal needs and exercise history is second to none and makes semi-private training a perfect option for those new to exercise who don’t know where to start, or those suffering with long term issues or injuries. 

Goal Orientated
We always want to focus (and therefore make you focus!) on goals – achieving what you set for yourself to change and improve your life. Semi-private personal training ensures that each session you do is dedicated to your goals and challenging you to achieve more. This is due to the attention you will receive, and our in-depth consultations - we know your likes, dislikes, history and lifestyle. If you attend a fitness class with 20 other people, the chances are the instructor won’t even know your name, let alone know your training history or be able to correct your technical form errors.



Working with fantastic people in a very small dedicated group creates a community spirit between members.  Each person is sharing their goals, successes and achievements with everyone else.  This provides motivation, encouragement and a huge sense of inspiration as you watch those around you achieve their goals, whilst you achieve yours.  Keeping you motivated will ensure that well performed exercise will become a part of your long term lifestyle.

In small groups, there are times when those around you are working with the trainer while you are resting. We ensure that this isn’t wasted time, as you will be provided an opportunity to watch and learn from the movement of other people.  Particularly important for those new to exercise, the opportunity to watch how someone else completes an exercise can be the key to learning how to get it right for you.  This is especially noteworthy for visual and auditory learners who learn best by listening and watching those around them.  As Auckland's premier personal trainers, we want you to understand the exercises so that you can become an expert yourself, reducing the risk of injury if you ever wish to train alone without our guidance.



Ultimately, the small group environment that semi private personal training provides, offers an incredible level of accountability.  Not only is there a trainer (or often 2!) there to keep checking in on you, there is also a small group of friendly faces who will be asking about your progress and will be checking that you are sticking to your habits, commitments and regular exercise.

The Active Lifestyle is proud to be offering semi-private personal training here in Auckland because it really provides the opportunity for our members to change their lives.  Working regularly with a trainer in very small, dedicated groups of motivated and inspiring individuals ensures that you are keeping great form and technique, challenging yourself appropriately and achieving your goals as efficiently as possible.

Learn from others, be inspired, motivated, and love training.  If this sounds like something that will change your life, give us a call on 0212689278 and have a chat! It’ll be the most beneficial thing you do all day! Only those who are fun loving need apply, if you don't fit in with our amazing current members, you're not invited!


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