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We have all heard breakfast being called the most important meal of the day, however everyone seems to find this meal the most difficult to find healthy, nutritious and exciting options for.  We all need healthy, energy filled breakfasts which will help us attack our busy days, but still want them to be exciting and quick to prepare. Many people find that eating well in the morning is difficult or something that they simply aren’t used to. Let us help you supercharge your mornings quickly and tastily!

What makes a good breakfast? 

A good breakfast should firstly be something you look forward to eating when you wake up in the morning.  The mere thought of what you have lined up should help spring you out of bed and get you excited for your day.  Secondly, it needs to be nutritionally nourishing and sustaining.  We have no time for a sugar crash just as you get to work, leaving you lethargic and unmotivated.  A good breakfast should keep you going throughout your morning until your snack or lunch time.

Why is breakfast so important? 

After a night’s sleep, your body is in a state of fasting – 10 – 12 hours without eating. While you are asleep, your body is still burning fuel.  Your brain, the highest energy demanding organ of your whole body, is more active while you sleep than it is during the day.  While you snooze, your brain is busy repairing, rebuilding and cleaning itself, sorting you out for the upcoming day. Hence eating upon waking, breakfast (breaking the fast). The better the breakfast you provide for your body, the easier it will be to concentrate and the more energy you will have.  This is so important for our children.  We want to be sending them off to school or day care ready to concentrate to learn, explore and succeed. 

What’s IN a good breakfast?

From a nutritional standpoint, breakfast should be high in protein to repair muscles and boost amino acids, which prompt the brain to produce chemical messengers raising your alertness and activity. Proteins keep you full, which keep you satiated and stop you snacking. The brain uses carbohydrates for fuel and so good carbohydrates can really help get you going in the morning. However, these need to be coupled with good fats and proteins to slow their release into the blood stream and avoid a sugar crash! High carbohydrate (carbohydrates are sugars!) breakfasts cause a spike in blood sugar levels which are soon followed by a crash.  For children, this makes concentration near impossible and results in grumpy and tired children. If your kids are unruly, consider what they are eating and how good their nutrition is.


What can I have for breakfast which fits all of those requirements but doesn’t take hours to prepare?

One awesome solution to breakfast is our homemade Nut granola.  This takes a little preparation initially but can easily be made in bulk and then it’s as simple as spooning out into a bowl, topping with some full fat Greek yoghurt and enjoying on your way to work.  The best bit is because you are making it, you can be as creative as you please and add in your favourite toppings – cacao powder makes a delicious chocolate version, some dried fruit to increase the sweetness (though you won’t need the maple syrup or honey as well), or cinnamon to give it a festive touch.  For those that can’t have nuts or want to share this with children, instead use a mixture of seeds – pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, chia, flax seeds. Be creative and enjoy!

Please share photos of your creations with the hashtag #TALActiveMealTime so we can share your photos too - the full recipe will be posted tomorrow!

And here it is! A TASTY NUTRITIOUS BREAKFAST in no time at all!



Remember the recipe will be posted tomorrow so come back, make it, and then let us know what you think! #TALActiveMealtime

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