#TALTransformation - Jane's Story -

Jane is a hardworking mother, wife and self employed business woman who found herself trapped inside an unfit body she did not recognise.  Suffering from a regularly upset tummy, poor digestive health and low energy, Jane took herself to her doctor.  After numerous blood tests and negative results, she was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and sent home.  Two years later, she started training with Amber.

It is not that Jane didn’t know about how to change her diet and that she should be exercising regularly, she has done this all before having run a marathon and been a competitive swimmer in her teens and twenties. Amber’s intervention came and provided repeated encouragement to help Jane to begin consciously considering what she was eating.   It was not about eating to lose weight, but eating to make herself feel better and relieve the horrible symptoms she had been suffering.  How did her body respond to certain foods?  What gave her energy and made her feel her best?


Jane quickly noticed that removing gluten (mainly 2 slices of toast from breakfast and evening bowls of pasta), that her long irritating digestive concerns disappeared. She was no longer suffering irritable bowel syndrome and now had the energy to move more.  And the more she moved, the easier it became to move. 

“I was seeing the changes and getting greater movement back in my body and that facilitated a shift in perception which was the catalyst to begin consciously considering changing what I eat”-  Jane Banks.

Jane built a regular meditation and yoga practice into her daily routine and encouraged her young daughter to join her.  Excitingly, the more changes Jane added to her lifestyle, the more she saw how these changes had a positive effect on her and her daughter.  Not only did Jane have more energy to get out and be active, she was encouraging her daughter to consider what she was eating and how she was living her life in a positive and affirming way.


Changing your body and your lifestyle is not about losing weight, it’s about improving your health, inspiring those around you and living life to the fullest

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