The Active Lifestyle is Auckland's unique fitness experience. Our private, member's only personal training studio in Mt Eden has everything you need to change your life forever.

We have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals in fitness and health, weight loss, strength, mindfulness and so much more. This is all down to our highly skilled personal trainers, attention to detail, and one of a kind, unintimidating atmosphere. We even have parking on site so you really have nothing to worry about.

We are the antithesis of a gym. What does this mean?

The Active Lifestyle Difference

Every single session at The Active Lifestyle is designed with you in mind to ensure you are achieving your goals. Each session is tailored to YOU and your capabilities.

Our mission is simple.
To make you feel valued.
To make you feel like you're worth it.
To empower you to get the results you deserve.

How Do We Do This?

- Attention to detail
- Personal accountability and service (we text you for each session, we set you homework and we keep you accountable, so you can't fail to get results.)
- Scientifically backed, safe training sessions to maximise your results.
- World class personal trainers with thousands of hours of experience helping all kinds of people, young to old, beginners to competitive athletes.
- Skills in habit forming and mindset coaching to help you realise your full potential.


How does it work?

Our process is simple but effective. We listen. We learn. We adapt.

We start by sitting down with you and listening to your goals, motivations, what you are hoping to achieve, things holding you back and your drivers to move forward.  We hear your fears and concerns, time restraints and excuses and help you to overcome them.

Now it's up to you to choose how you work best...

Small Group Personal Training

No one in Auckland offers small group personal training like us. We strictly limit our groups to 4 people, all of which are motivated to succeed. The atmosphere created by our members and trainers means you will surpass effort levels you thought possible, and consequently, get the best results you've ever had from training. Our Small Group Training is the answer.

Every session is run by 1 or even 2 world class personal trainers. This high trainer to trainee ratio means that you always have someone paying attention to your technique, keeping you safe and maximising your performance; motivating you to succeed and achieve the results you want.

No matter your current training level, we adjust the sessions to suit you - you will never feel like you are overwhelmed by people more experienced than you. Our personal touch ensures that you are safe and having a good time - our goal is to build people up - we strive for everything that is positive!

Private Personal Training Sessions

In a private personal training session, the session is yours; our undivided attention for 45 minutes to carry out a carefully designed session specific to your goals and needs, to enable you to get the best results possible.

Every person is different, has a different training history, and is working towards their own personal goals. Therefore, every training session is bespoke - what is best for one person is not the best for someone else and we pride ourselves on our ability to train YOU as effectively as possible. Your personal trainer will work on a program created FOR YOU to achieve your best results possible. There is NOTHING generic about what we do.

You will make better progress training with us than anywhere you have ever trained before. A bold claim, but one we are sure of.



Yoga is an ancient practice designed to balance the body, spirit and mind.  The Active Lifestyle offers small group yoga sessions limited to 6 people, or private training yoga where you will work directly with Amber, our fully qualified Yoga Alliance teacher to develop your own practice. We offer a range of styles from slow hatha and vinyasa flow to the very physical ashtanga and rocket yoga.  Meditation and pranayama (breathing work) are included in all yoga sessions because improving these aspects of your yoga greatly enhances your overall practice. You will improve both your yoga, your flexbility, and your state of mind when partaking in Yoga at The Active Lifestyle.


Courses / Seminars / Workshops

Throughout the year we offer regular courses, seminars, and workshops covering a range of topics from introduction to yoga, Muay Thai kick boxing, or strength training, through to nutrition, meditation, and pranayama. Each course, seminar, and workshop can be booked individually. If there is something you would like us to run a course on at our facility or yours, please contact us directly on hello@theactivelifestyle.net

our trainers

James and Amber are here to provide you with unprecedented support, motivation, guidance, and encouragement.  No matter your goal, whether it's weight loss, strength and muscle building, injury recovery, self-confidence, health, flexibility, even athletic performance; you name it, we are here to help you change your life.

We are a privately owned New Zealand training company created by two internationally experienced, world class personal trainers, James and Amber, who were sick of the negative connotations around fitness, mixed messages from the media and lack of proper regulation in personal training providers. With us you know you are getting scientifically backed, safe training from qualified instructors who walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

James Schofield  -  Body Transformation & Strength Specialist

James Schofield - 
Body Transformation & Strength Specialist

James is the owner and founder of The Active Lifestyle, and is an international fitness professional who worked for the past three years in Kuwait in the Middle East before moving to London, then New Zealand to set up the studio. Fitness is his life! After playing rugby and football all through school and rugby at university, he knew he wanted to be involved with fitness. He is now a cutting edge personal trainer with a passion for everything fitness related: He is fully qualified to REPs Level 3 and focuses on powerlifting and strength development in his spare time. He holds a degree from Loughborough University in England, UK and guest writes articles on training and nutrition for various websites and online magazines.

James' passions include travel and culture (he loves driving countries he hasn't visited before), music (he 'DJ'ed and promoted nightclub events throughout his teens and university) and martial arts, especially Muay Thai (he has trained and fought in Thailand) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This martial arts experience has allowed him to integrate unique boxing and Muay Thai skills into his training sessions, making them more exciting and varied than traditional cardio exercise. He has worked with amateurs and professional fighters alike.

He has had his share of serious injuries, being the only survivor in a car crash that killed 3 people, and also being run over by a bus in London, so his knowledge of legs and lower body rehab is keenly developed. His biggest interest overall is ensuring his body performs to the best of it's ability. This carries over into his personal training, he is the man to talk to if you want to improve your athletic performance, lifting technique or your aesthetic look and has trained a vast array of individuals giving him a very wide experience base.

His goal is to help you be the best version of yourself -
Whatever you want to become!

Amber Cloney -    Yoga & Rehabilitation Specialist

Amber Cloney - 
Yoga & Rehabilitation Specialist

Amber was born in Auckland and after spending the last three years in Kuwait in the Middle East, she came back to New Zealand to spread her expertise and knowledge. A keen footballer and swimmer in her school years, her competitive spirit never left and she is now a fully qualified personal trainer to REPs Level 4.

Through her experiences, she noticed that there was a huge need for post physiotherapy assistance. People were being discharged from specialist care but still had quality of life issues due to poor range of movement, postural imbalances or continuously aching joints.

Her holistic, confidence building approach to exercise, combined with the knowledge from her 200 hr Yoga Teacher qualification (registered with Yoga Alliance, USA) and pre and post natal training means that she is especially adept at helping clients who are more at risk than the general population, especially mature clients, pregnant women and those who have suffered serious injuries.

She is excellent at helping you build strength, flexibility and confidence so you can get out and love life again. Her knowledge of the anatomy of the human body and massage is second to none and this makes her an expert when helping clients with injuries, movement issues or even chronic pain. She is adamant to instill correct technique and improve people's movement patterns, there's not a lot she doesn't know about the human body! She has worked with clients from complete beginners who have never set foot in a gym before to those recovering from major injury or surgery. Her other love is for the outdoors, andshe can often be found at one of Auckland's many beaches or hiking spots.

James having a little bit of fun at Bodypower 2015, a fitness expo in the UK. Car Hack Squat, 26 reps, car weight 160kgs.

Amber squating at Muscle Beach, California, USA from 2015 where she drove the West Coast of America from San Francisco to LA.