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Introducing the personal training you've been looking for.

Shared personal training or small group training is taking the fitness industry by storm gaining results that simply can't be achieved by traditional gyms.

We train exclusively in groups of 4 people so you get all the benefits of a personal trainer without the cost. Everything is personalised to you, so whatever your level or training history, you will achieve amazing results.


- Shared Personal Training -

Quickly transform your body, burn body fat, build strength and tone up.
You will feel energetic, motivated, and ready to attack anything that life throws at you.


Every session is coached by a fully qualified, world class personal trainer. The high trainer to client ratio means that you always have someone paying close attention to your technique, keeping you safe and maximising your progress.

You have never experienced training like this before!

Session types

(Limited to 4 people in a session)


Raise the Bar

Raise The Bar, along with your expectations of yourself. This strength focused training session will have you building strength, burning body fat and changing your body FAST. Under our expert tuition you will be squatting, bench pressing and lunging like an athlete. You'll leave feel empowered and ready to take on the world!


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Scientifically proven as the best way to burn the maximum amount of body fat, we focus on moving you, moving weights, and moving your heart rate. We use kettlebells, ropes, medicine balls and your own bodyweight to get you working up a sweat and achieve things you never thought possible!

(Vinyasa Flow)

Truly Unique Yoga. Our Yoga sessions are adapted to suit the energy of the day and work on your tight spots, wherever they may be. Promoting mindfulness, flexibility and strength, Yoga at The Active Lifestyle will calm the body and the mind. (Limited to 6 people on Saturdays)


Punch away your life stresses with a qualified pad holder (NEVER a class partner) whilst enjoying a fun, fat burning workout at the same time. Learn and improve your boxing technique, build your fitness levels and burn body fat whilst actually getting to hit something with no risk of getting smashed in the face!

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Who we are :)

We're passionate about YOUR SUCCESS! We'd love to meet you and help you achieve your dreams! (We also love music, beaches, animals and travel.)


James Schofield

Body Transformation & Strength Specialist


Amber Cloney

Yoga & Rehabilitation Specialist


Located conveniently in Central Auckland our private studio has great onsite parking and is just across the road from Mt Eden train station.

40 Mount Eden Road, Auckland


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