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Exceptional quality Personal Training in a unique 4 person environment.

If you care about reducing your pain, improving your posture and flexibility, building up your strength and developing your self confidence, we are here to help you.


What do YOU Want from your Training?

- I want to live without aches, pains and old injuries hurting me.
- I want to have more energy, and not feel tired all the time.
- I want my body to perform and stay healthy long term.
- I want to sleep better and feel more refreshed on a day to day basis.
- I want to use my time as efficiently as possible
- I want to feel better about my life, my health and my body
- I want to be part of a great atmosphere and be supported every step of the way
- I want someone to pay attention to what I want and what I need.
- I want to be guided by an expert so that I know I'm doing things right.
- I want to be as safe as possible, and not hurt myself.

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Have you ever had personal training before?
How serious are you about reaching them?

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HOW 4x Fitness gets results

We focus on 4 parts of the health puzzle -
training, motivation, nutrition and accountability.

Every session is coached by a fully qualified, world class personal trainer.

Everything is personalised to YOU, so if you have issues preventing you from doing a certain exercise, we will modify and personalise it for you.

You will always have someone paying close attention to you, making sure you are doing the right things, and maximising your results.

You have never experienced training like this before!

Session types

(Limited to 4 people in a session)


Raise the Bar

Raise The Bar, along with your expectations of yourself. This strength focused, functional training session will have you building strength, burning body fat and changing your body FAST. Under our expert tuition you will be squatting, bench pressing and lunging like an athlete. You'll leave feel empowered and ready to take on the world!


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Scientifically proven as the most effective way burn body fat, we focus on moving you, moving weights, and moving your heart rate. We use kettlebells, ropes, medicine balls, functional exercises and your own bodyweight to get you working up a sweat and achieve things you never thought possible!

(Vinyasa Flow)

Truly Unique Yoga. Our Yoga sessions are adapted to suit the energy of the day and work on your tight spots, wherever they may be. Our instructors will perfect your form, adjust you when necessary, and help you promote mindfulness, flexibility and strength. Yoga with us will calm your body and your mind. (Limited to 6 people on Saturdays)


Punch away your stresses with a qualified pad holder (NEVER a class partner) whilst enjoying a fun, fat burning workout at the same time. Learn and improve your boxing technique, build your fitness levels with our HIIT training techniques and burn body fat whilst actually getting to hit something as hard as you like, safely, and with no risk of getting smashed in the face!

Meet the team

We are passionate about YOUR SUCCESS!

James Schofield

Body Transformation, Strength and Rehabilitation Specialist

3 Things James Loves:

Martial Arts
Drum N Bass Music

Random Fact:

Spent his late teens and early twenties DJing UK Garage, Hip Hop and RnB and promoting club nights.


Qualified Nutritionist

3 Things Cara Loves:

The beach

Random Fact:

Cara was inspired to become a nutritionist when she was 10 years old and listened to a nutritionist speak to her athletics squad about fuelling for training; the rest is history...


Amber Cloney

Qualified Yoga Teacher, Strength and Rehabilitation Specialist

3 Things Amber Loves:

Good food
Being outside
The Ocean

Random Fact:

Has travelled to over 35 countries (not including stopovers) and dived the Great Barrier Reef.


Boxing, High Intensity Exercise and Functional Training Specialist

3 Things Dion Loves:

His beautiful family
Mixed Martial Arts and UFC

Random Fact:

Dion has stepped into the ring and competed in a boxing bout and loves training others with his boxing skills!


Where are we?

40 Mount Eden Road, Auckland

- Located conveniently in Central Auckland.
- Onsite parking.
- Across the road from Mt Eden train station.


opening times

The Active Lifestyle is open:

5:30am - 8:30pm Monday to Friday

8:30am - 12:00pm Saturday

Strictly by appointment only.


All will give you the very best training you've ever had in your life.

How quickly do you want to see and feel the results?





3 small group personal training sessions per week

3 small group personal training sessions per week

3 small group personal training sessions per week



















Nutritional workshop


Meal Plan so you know what to eat and when


Goal setting workshop to nail down exactly what you are going to achieve


Personalised Home Workout


Private Facebook Support Group










1:1 nutritional consult with Cara, our qualified nutritionist

Follow up nutritional appointment with Cara after 6 weeks

Meal Plan so you know what to eat and when

Goal setting workshop to nail down exactly what you are going to achieve

Personalised home workout


Private Facebook Support Group


Supplement pack – Fish Oil, Protein and Magnesium (total value $120) to ensure you get the best results possible.





141 / week

+ 35 Ezidebit sign-up fee (one off)


164 / week

+ 35 Ezidebit sign-up fee (one off)


197 / week

We pay the Ezidebit sign-up fee for you!

 Add a session a week for $47 / Minimum term is 12 weeks / 24 hour cancellation policy applies

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We're here to help you every step of the way.

Have you ever had personal training before?
How serious are you about reaching them?

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